Free Web Hosting Services

If you are willing to post your website/page on internet, you need to have a web hosting service provider. Web hosting services mainly can be divided into 2 types. Those are Free hosting Service and Paid hosting Services. Now a days, in shared hosting, you can find same features in both free and paid hosting services. But commonly free hosting services have limited options compared to paid services. Following is a comparison of features provided by 03 major free web hosting services I’ve used.

Disk Space
1500 MB
20 000 MB
Data Transfer
100 GB/month
150 GB/month
Sub-domains 5 5 2
Add-on Domains  5  Unlimited  2
 Parked Domains Unlimited  5  1
 E-mail Addresses  5  10  3
 MySQL Databases  2  10  2
 Control Panel  Custom Panel  Yes  Yes
 FTP Access  Yes, 1 Account  Yes, 10 Accounts  Yes, 3 Accounts
 Cron Jobs  Yes  Yes  Yes
 Shell Access  No  Yes  No
 PHP  Yes  Yes  Yes
 Perl  No  No  Yes
 Python  No  Yes  Yes
 Webmail Access  Yes  Yes, 2 Clients  –
 Backup  Yes  Yes, Weekly Backups  Yes
 Site Builder  Yes, Simple Site Builder  Yes  Yes
Website Templates  Yes  Yes  –
 Uptime  99%  99.9%  99%


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