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Interlaced and Progressive display


Interlaced Display

When referring to a computer monitor or other display, interlace or interlacing is a description of how the picture is created. With interlaced, the picture is created by scanning every other line, and on the next scan, scanning every opposite line. This allows for a faster refresh rate by having less information Read the rest of this entry


Image file formats

There are so many image/graphic formats available in the modern day but only few of them are widely used depending on user’s need.Mostly used formats are PNG, GIF and JPEG. Before talking about image formats, it is necessary to have an idea about color depths. There are color depths(palettes) with Indexed color and Direct color. Read the rest of this entry

Image compression techniques

Usually images take a large amount of space to store and therefore the use of bandwidth also high for the transmission. In order to avoid this (reduce storage space & increase transmission speed) different image compression methods can be used.

How an Image is stored ? 


Basically, the image compression methods can be classified into Read the rest of this entry